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Oak Ridge staff and apprentices with the new equipment

Milwaukee Tool Supports Training with New Equipment

Here's a big shout-out to Milwaukee Tool for enhancing the equipment inventory at our East Tennessee Carpenters and Millwrights Training Center in Oak Ridge!

Milwaukee followed up its support of the Mid-South Training Program at the recent Nashville Open House. Milwaukee provided signage for all seven Mid-South Training Centers and worked with Oak Ridge Instructors Kameron Butler and Floyd Sharp to provide new tools.

“Kameron and Floyd stayed in contact with Milwaukee since the Open House and shared which tools they would like to have. Next thing we know, a truck rolls up to the Center,” said Mid-South Training Program Executive Director Rickey Moore.

“Having new tools to train with increases the skill capabilities of our apprentices, which in turn creates a better workforce for our partnering contractors,” Moore added. “We thank Milwaukee Tool for its ongoing commitment to our Training Program.”