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First MVP Class of 2024 Leap into Their Careers

We are proud to introduce the first Military Veterans Program (MVP) graduating class of 2024! The MVP program helps soldiers transition out of the U.S. Army and into careers as carpenters or millwrights. The Mid-South Carpenters Training program helps present the course in Clarksville, TN for soldiers from nearby Fort Campbell.

A group of eight millwrights and two interior systems carpenters began class on January 8th and finished on Leap Day, February 29th!

Program participants take part in a free, eight-week training program, which gives military vets basic skill sets with hands-on projects for real-world experience as carpenters or millwrights. Once civilians, these veterans have the option to join the United Brotherhood of Carpenters as a second-year apprentice. 

Congratulations to all of the students and instructors who once again proved that we are Stronger Together! Shown in the photo, from left to right: Millwright Noah Probus, OJT Instructor Chris Howard, Millwright Alexis Mamac, Millwright Dominic Ferrari, Carpenter Reuben Mercado, Millwright Jake Hensley, Millwright Joseph Hogan, Millwright Tyler Quigley, Carpenter Tyler Segarra, Millwright Alek Vagts, Millwright Brian Mistark, and MVP Millwright Instructor, Esther Freeman.

In 2023, the MVP program in Clarksville placed 47 veterans into the workforce, doubling the number of graduates from the prior year. Of those 47, 22 joined the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, meaning almost one out of every two students who learn via the MVP program opt to become a union carpenter or millwright. 

Learn more about this program by clicking here.