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Alabama Students See Union Carpentry and Millwrighting as a Great Career Choice

The Central Alabama Carpenters and Millwrights Training Center in Pelham was filled recently with dozens of students from five high school and career tech schools who spent the day learning about a career as a pro carpenter or millwright.

The Open House welcomed students from the Holt High School Carpentry Program, Tuscaloosa Career & Technical Academy Carpentry Program, Montgomery Job Corps, Shelby County Building Construction Program, and Alabaster High School. Participants learned about the benefits of a career as a professional carpenter or millwright by touring facility, speaking with apprentices & staff, and even competing against each other in hammering & drill wall competitions.

Hosting and working with the students were Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council Local 1192 Millwright Representative Kerry Elliott, Local 318 Carpenter Representative Jay Schuelly, Mid-South Training Program Carpenter Instructor Silvestre Rodriguez, Millwright Instructor Matthew Fredrickson, and apprentices Jax Calaway and Robert Lacey.

Well done, everyone!